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See The Sea

30 July - 2 August 2021

Black Sea - Midia Beach

Laid in one sentence, we conclude that Burning Man is the biggest reunion of YOUR chosen family. 

This year, we are glad to announce that the alternative and independent MOVEMENT lived once more.


Living and thinking outside the box has been a dream for us this past year, especially now when we were forced to live in an actual box with the current pandemic situation. It was therefore significant to hold a physical regional event for the last year and a half, and we did that with your support, for which we thank you one more time! 


As we aimed to reenact the authentic Burning Man experience from Black Rock Desert, Nevada, Roburn 2021 was held on the Romanian Black Sea beach. We found comparable conditions in terms of environment and surroundings, similar natural elements, and weather conditions - desert dust vs. fine hot sand, the common powerful wind - which preserved the desired decommodification spirit by embracing the challenging elements of nature.


Overall, we had the Temple; a promising colorful 6 meters wooden man resembling our Roburn emblem; two music sound systems; multiple themed camps, and a healing camp.


The healing camp and the temple, in our case, were destined for connectedness and a break from the high energies of the other camps.  There were slight differences between these two, as the healing camp was available for people in need of fresh, new energy and some inter-human connection, a relaxing massage, or a tarot reading (as an opening gate to one’s life path). The Temple was destined for group activities, chillings, or simply a seclusion spot, being outside and yet inside a protective circle, which had an opening to the sky in the middle.


The beating heart - a gorgeous art installation, pumping and beating on the music rhythms,  sparked and animated everyone and reminded how alive and present we were right there, in that very moment. In harmony, we can together as one beating heart!

The amazing artists supported us with glass lighting installations, which we may add; were the guiding light that brought us back to our roots, to our homes, to ourselves, and to the hearts of one another.


The French, German, Spanish, Italian, and American guests helped make up a delightful group of approximately 200 people and we enjoyed to Burn with all of them. We welcome future international guests to collaborate with us to keep our hearts burning vibrantly and bring them together as many times as we can, in one magical place.


We love that our expanding family is transcending borders!


For the next year, we plan on organizing the event at approximately the same time of the year. Even though Roburn 2021 Black Sea has just ended, we know the magic circle will come back around.


These are some of the artists and DJ’s from our local community we would love to support, feature, and give grants to for the next year for building sculptures/ art installations and for enchanting us once again with their exquisite music; Gabriel Muscalu, Andreea Valentina, Chris Alexandrescu, Ana Urzica aka Banani, Alexandru Serban, Filip, and Marote. 


We welcome your active participation and support in that regard on

Moreover, if you want to visit us during the year, we warmly invite you to our Burners Hub, located in Bucharest. As we craved for a place of inspiration and freedom for our fellow Burners, we created this space, more like a home with a welcoming fireplace to keep the fire in us alive. 

As an active space, we are continuously doing workshops and art events, so if you want to join and show your creativity or share your knowledge, or even just pass the time together, Burners Hub will always be open for you. You can find all the details on our webpage and your financial contributions keep the doors open and the lights on, as this place is 365 days/year, thriving on the 10 principles of Burning Man.

Financial Report - RoBurn 2021

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