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25 July - 1 August 2022

Location: Stefanel  - Dolj

Creating the mystical experience of eternity and endless return with Roburn 2022 was not a Utopia any longer.

All these past years, our expectations have been exceeded. We were astonished.

RoBurn 2022 lasted for one entire week. The first few days were dedicated to the setup of the camps, building the toilets, shower, and kitchen, and installing the 6m wooden’s man structure and other figurines.

Three entire days were dedicated to dancing and celebrating and the remaining ones were for resting, waste collection, and loading of the truck.  


Our 2022 RoBurn family consisted of approximately 180 participants. 

The fellow villagers were very welcoming and friendly. They had been practicing Gifting for so long (without even being aware of it), we did not have to explain what it was anymore. The big surprise - was to be greeted with homemade bread, milk, and wine. Life in the countryside is simple, and the inhabitants’ common sense and respect are not altered by the hustle and bustle of urban life.

RoBurn stretched the ordinary field of imagination. 

Our Man burned beautifully this year for so many hours in a row.

We cried and laughed - We lived under the cosmic rays shower. 

We had the time to contemplate the experience of last summer and the overall moments, and this is what we depicted;


Break free

Things get messy, and people are transient. As travel is nothing but tourism, if things don't sometimes get complicated, the current oversight of society comes from the avoidance of what is difficult. RoBurn embraces uncertainty. The higher the tolerance for unpredictability, the lower the degree of control. And that breaks you free.

Let it be Unrankable, Unmeasurable, and Unknowable. We decommodified, and it was blissful.


🪄The three magical Camps of RoBurn 2022🪄

Aristotel says that learning and experience are the only cognitive sources.

We are learning from past experiences how to appreciate the gratitude of the present moment. And now, we are opening our hearts to receive an incredible future experience. 

This Year RoBurn had 3 Magical camps. 

- > Juju Camp - Steadiest and oldest camp where ideas are cultivated and brought to life. We paint, build and decorate; we spin and play with fire, cooking and enjoying together one of the best sound systems.

- > Ecstatic Farmers Camp - Rituals with holy ceremonies in unity, vibrant lights, and colors with the holistic mentors of the Farm Of Consciousness Community. We respect and honor each other in so many peaceful ways.

-> Shibari Dome - Japanese practice with decorative bondage. Our people were delighted to participate and let go of the conventional ways of hiding and burying feelings, entering their most vulnerable selves, and permitting the Shibari professionals from Cluj to nurture them.


In the state of hyper-lucidity, we projected in two parallel planes. There is something we perceive as destiny, the plan of advance and anticipatory programming, and the deliberative will with the responsibility of one's acts. When derailing too much and forcing things, misalignment between the two happens, and we often feel that the path needs to be closer and easier to see. 

Let things fall into place. Alignment happens when you feel you are in the right place at the right time.


*💭A dive into the realm of Fantasy 💭 *

By daring to imagine, most cerebral areas are activated in processing the real action. We challenge you to dive into the realm of Fantasy and Imagination. We can collaboratively transmute that into plain reality. Where will you draw the line? 

Memory is necessary, but creation begins beyond memory, where inspiration and thinking are located, which assume a plasticity of synapses to connect as many neurons as possible. The brain has the remarkable capacity to adapt. We are its Sculptors and can decide what shape to give it. Reshape and rewire according to your necessities and to your liking. Get out of the dogmatic way of thinking. 

J.J Rousseau claims that man is good by nature, but society perverts him. Choose wisely your surroundings. Then you can build absolutely anything!


 Flying in Unity or Radical Inclusion 

"In the history of human thinking, the most fruitful developments frequently occur at those points where two different lines of thought meet."  (Werner Heisenberg)

Why is that? Even though we are similar in our profound essence, we possess different peculiarities regarding culture and environment.

We are a result between our genes, the received education, and receptivity to the influence exerted by the environment on us. We build ourselves from what we have as a hereditary dowry and from what we acquire from passing through this World.

Everyone should embrace every opportunity to work together and include each other as we have this exclusive chance to celebrate Diversity and be Radical Inclusive.


We Choose the "path with a heart" over and over and over again

"It seems to me that at a time when close to half of our scientists and engineers work for the military, wasting an enormous potential of human ingenuity and creativity by developing ever more sophisticated means of total destruction, the path with a heart Cannot be Overemphasized." (Fritjof Capra)


Simplicity remains the key

"One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple" (Jack Kerouac)


A priceless lesson to be reminded of: We aspire to enrich our lives so much and we need to remember the simple things and gestures that nourish the souls on our way toward obtaining power and knowledge.

Financial Report - RoBurn 2022

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