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Peculiar Camps

Juju Camp

Juju is the karmic consequences of an action or behavior. Either good or bad, you receive what you need for your growth.

Our camp will be opened 24/7 for anyone ready to receive the juju trough various experiences we are planning to put in place:

🔻Sound and visual art journeys in The Music Garden


🔸Daytime acting workshops and art display


🔺Unexpected refreshments and tasty marshmallows.


✖More tba

Wabi Sabi - 侘寂

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete". The Japanese philosophy encourages us to focus on the blessings hiding in our daily lives and celebrating the way things are rather than how they should be.

Come and check out the Wabi Sabi experiences that will shape the days under the warm sun, in this peculiar turnout:

•    The Wabi Sabi playground – Wabi Sabi principles will also apply to our music scene where our team will take you on a journey through different moods and styles from dusk till dawn, from beginning to the end.

•    The Wabi Sabi crafts and workshops – a place to fill up imperfections, but don’t forget to leave some... it’s human nature.

•    The Wabi Sabi partaking – too much dancing never hurts, but sometimes all you need might be a lollipop.


More tba

Wabi Sabi.jpeg

Poi School Camp

Poi school is happy to get you spinning and weaving a new type of magic in your life.


Beginners welcome.


We can lend you practice poi.


All lessons will be in the cooler hours of the days, and if you have the confidence, there will be drums and fire in the night.


We also invite you to make new friends as you explore the creativity of making a big collage together. Remix images by mixing and matching. No particular theme necessary, and hopefully the pieces of pictures and the paste will be a celebration of Joy, Love and Gratitude.

Poi School Camp.jpeg

The Temple


Mafe Manzano is offering to the whole Community, the medicines of Natural Grace, Harmony and Conscious Magic through the medicines of the 4 elements.

∙ 30 July 0 day, activation of The sacred 🔥 Fire. Asking permission to the land, to the guardians, showing and planting intentions)

∙ 31 July 1 day Earth (meditations and offering of seeds and crystals to the territory) 

∙ 1 August 2 day Water (meditations, dances and blessing with flowers to the waters of the place)

∙ 2 August 3 day Air (meditations and breathwork. Blessing with sacred fumes of the spaces. Sound healing. 

∙ 3 August 4 day Fire. (Cocoa ceremony. Diamond Healing. Fire ceremony. Offerings for the fire) 

Hugs of light💎💖🌈💫

The Temple RoBurn.jpeg

Camp of Destiny


Sweet thought of the day.


We are here to send you one of the messages the universe has prepared for you,  together with a sweet treat or a sour one, depending on your mood. Be careful what you pick from our jars, make a wish and let the universe guide you through the peculiar experience.


Leave control out, just learn to relax and be in contact with your inner being and your body and join one of the yoga classes organized by our camp.  

Camp of Destiny.jpg

Burning Bitches

Welcome to the Burning Bitches Camp.

We intent to create an empowering space open for everyone to explore their divinity, their inner goddess, their inner bitch. 
Those who have tried to burn the witches should now support us burning bitches. 
This is our intention. To co-create a safe space open to social experiments, philosophical discussions and self-exploration. 
Psychedelic poetry nights, masala midnights, peculiar cocktail hour at 5PM, magical coffee mornings, yoga & mimosas, a multicultural royal brunch, psychology workshops, these are some of our peculiar Camp Activities. 
We are looking for
❌ people that have a similar vision and want to participate with their true self in this experiment 
❌ male cheerleaders - we need daily support and motivation; for example: Come on bitch, you can drink another glass of that "bitchaffraid" cocktail! 
❌ builders - help us build our camp and make the deco 
❌ workshop facilitators - we will build a huge tipi where we will have a safe space for workshops and other magical stuff 
❌ Miu Miu master chefs to cook delicious stuff for us 
❌ zen foot rubbers - we all need a foot rub once in a while and yes, we like to dream big 
❌ costume curators - we demand everyone wears kimonos, skirts and dresses. NO PANTS ALLOWED. So we need a Costume Master or a Fashion Guru to help the lost ones; we are open to negotiation to have either a Costumes Swap or a Peculiar Wardrobe. 

Leave a comment or contact them if you want to #participate and release your inner burning bitch!

Burning Bitches.jpeg
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