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1th Gathering Bucharest

14h December  2019

Burning Man is about the people that co-manifest a utopic dystopia as a lifestyle.

It’s about individualism as religion in the sense that everyone is a Goddess or God. Each one of us is a true creator. Each one of us is here to actively participate in co-manifesting his individual highest self. Setting the right intention and adding action to the mix creates magic.

It’s about people. About how we interact with space and with each other. It’s about radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation and immediacy.

10 Principles of CO=Existence

Radical Inclusion is mandatory.
Gifting is the only asset you have.
Decommodification is a blessing.
Radical Self-Reliance is your best ally.
Radical Self-Expression is a way of life.
Communal Efforts are the only ones that matter.
Civic Responsibility belongs to everyone.
Leave NO Trace, only of the imaginary stardust that you are.
Participation is not an option.
Immediacy. Going NOWHERE. Now. Here. Get it?

WHAT? We are popping the Romanian Burners Bubble. Burning Man is not a festival, it’s a living entity made out of great individuals that co-manifest their most authentic selves and share it with others.

SO WHAT? Romania is now officially part of the Regional Network which is like a common grid of permanent inter-action between like-minded warriors of radical self-expression.

NOW WHAT? This is not an event. It’s a co-manifested dream. A dream is a wish our hearts make. To co-manifest this contemporary utopia, participation and radical self-expression are required.

When? 14 December

Where? Secret INDOOR Location. This will be communicated only to registered members that want to actively participate in this co-manifestation.

Why? We celebrate Romania’s radical inclusion in the regional burners network. Everyone participates and everyone is responsible. Gifting and decommodification are a must.

How many? A very limited amount of active participants. This is not an event, it’s a co-manifested utopian dream. Maximum 300 burners allowed.

How? By filling in the question form. This is the first step.

How? After the form, you need to give your contribution. This co-manifestation is possible only if everyone participates financially and artistically. After paying the participation fee, you can volunteer for any of the available civic responsibilities during the event and be a part of creating the magic.

How? By participating. If you have any artistic endeavors and would like radically self-express them just let us know.

Love your Burn.

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