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24 July - 31 July 2023

Location: Stefanel  - Dolj

✨ Amidst the tapestry of time, the enigmatic tale of RoBurn 2023 unfurled like a vivid dream woven with sublime threads of mysticism. Three distinct realms emerged, each pulsating with life, energy, and irresistible rhythms. 


🔥 At the heart of it all stood Juju, a sanctuary of mirth and melody. A sacred fire crackled and danced to the rhythm of laughter, as souls gathered around, drawn by the irresistible allure of camaraderie. Music flowed like a river of euphoria, entwining hearts, and binding spirits in a harmonious embrace. Beneath the starlit sky, the most veteran of the camps whispered secrets of joy, casting a spell that invited every wanderer to join the jubilant chorus for a while. 🌌


🔮 Ecstatic Farmers was a realm ablaze with kaleidoscopic wonder. Shamanic rituals wove intricate patterns, a symphony of fire and breath united souls with the natural elements. Ceremonies unfolded like chapters in a forgotten tome, carrying initiates on a transformative journey. Amidst vibrant tapestries and effervescent hues, ecstatic dance, yoga, and conscious breathwork ignited the essence of being, turning bodies into vessels of energy and channeling the forces of the cosmos. ☯️


🎪 Venturing a bit further, over the hill, Play camp perched like a hidden gem, a realm veiled in delight. The path to its embrace was a pilgrimage, a hike through time and terrain. Amongst sheltered trees, hammocks cradled dreamers, as playful whispers of imagination swirled in the air. Creativity blossomed in every corner, a testament to the human spirit's boundless ingenuity. 🎨


🌳 In the shade of the towering wooden sentinel, the Wood Man, revelations were kindled, stories spun, and laughter echoed through the foliage. 


⛩️ Within this sacred trinity, a Japanese canvas unfurled, as the very essence of Ikigai whispered in the wind. A temple of wood stood resolute, its intricate carvings mirroring the intricate labyrinth of purpose within each soul. A gate of timber and dreams beckoned all, inviting them to step into a realm where passions merged with meaning, where buoyancy embraced purpose, and every heart found its rhythm. 


🌠 From distant lands, internationals and newcomers alike converged like stars drawn to destiny's embrace. The threads of understanding wove seamlessly into the fabric of our community, a mosaic of cultures and hearts beating as one. As the 10 meters Wood Man figure ignited in a blaze of glory, aspirations soared, burning away limitations, leaving behind only the essence of the present moment, an offering to the universe. 🔥


⏳ In the heart of this mystical journey, time ebbed and flowed, transcending the mundane. It was a tale of unity, where campfires whispered secrets of ancient wisdom, ceremonies bridged realms, and hammocks cradled dreams. Our RoBurn was a pure symphony of souls, an intricate dance of joy, purpose, and enchantment that left an indelible mark upon the tapestry of our lives.

Financial Report - RoBurn 2023

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