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Romania is now officially part of the Burning Man Regional Network, which is like a common grid of permanent inter-action between like-minded lovers of radical self-expression.

Join the global cultural movement!

Jul 24, 1:00 PM GMT+3
44°25'20.7"N 23°25'18.8"E


RoBurn is not a festival, it is a reality created by the participants.

If you love art and create art, there will be art.

If you bring the sound, there will be music.

If you prepare food, there will be food.

If you clean up after yourself, it will be clean.

Whatever you don’t bring or create will not exist!

We achieve being through doing.


You can start participating now by using the forms below:


The production department is you, you and I, who choose to do for all the RoBurn participants.
Before, during and after the event.

It can be at the gate, in the movement, in the communication and in many other departments.

We need you and us to make sure the city rises from the dust

Art and Theme Camps

RoBurn content represents radical self-expression in the form of fulfilling dreams, the dreams of the giver, and whoever chose to accept/experience the gift.

The dream can take the shape of an art installation or as an inspiring theme camp.

The content creators will be accompanied throughout all of the steps: from the moment of registration form submission up to arrival at the Playa. They will accompany, assist, support, join and give direct answers to every question.


The 10 Principles

Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey wrote the 10 Principles in 2004 as guidelines for the newly-formed Regional Network. They were crafted not as a dictate of how people should be and act, but as a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as it had organically developed since the event’s inception.

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